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MrsGrapevine.com is an Urban Entertainment News and Culture Blog with a sophisticated twist, that caters to the African-American and Latino populations since 2007. Our stories have been linked by Huffington Post, Essence, and BET. MrsGrapevine.com has teamed up with MTV, Essence, Ebony, Lionsgate and other minority media outlets to bring you the best in celebrity news and trends. We are dedicated to bringing you the news in a positive manner focusing more on the facts, and less on the fiction.

Our Team

Ms. Toni is a freelance writer from Dallas, Texas. As an experienced blogger and published author, Ms. Toni has a natural talent for giving straight talk, delivered with a healthy dose of humor and a side of compassion. Armed with her English degree and internet access, she plans to make the entire world laugh, one post at a time.

Mrs. Grapevine has been blogging for over four years, working tirelessly to keep readers updated on the latest stories in celebrity entertainment. With a degree in Creative Writing from SMU, writing is one of my many passions. My whole aim is to make sure people get the details, but do it an manner that is not derogatory. Often in entertainment news there is a fine line between being positive and negative when dealing with news and gossip, and balancing that line to make sure that we are fair is most important to me. I believe that there are two sides to every story. If anyone feels that MrsGrapevine.com has printed information that is inaccurate or misleading, they can always reach out to any of us to set the record straight, or release a statement through their publicist.  Believe it or not, we value the truth more than headlines, and we work hard to promote our celebrities.

Jade Ashley is a 19 year old sophomore college student from Brooklyn, NY. She is currently majoring in Journalism at Purchase College at the State University of New York. Her interest in celebrity news came at the young age of fourteen where she would faithfully read numbers of blogs every single day. She would obtain so much from these blogs that her family and friends would always come to her and get information from her first hand when it came to finding out about their favorite celebrities. After her freshman year of high school she began her own blog, which soon developed into a music blog. With a background in music she naturally gravitated to all of the latest music news and made her blog strictly about new music. Aside from writing about new music, she enjoyed writing about new artist that were on the rise. All of these aspects has made her excited to become the new music intern over here at Mrs.Grapvine.com. She aspires to one day become a well known radio and television personality where she can take her writing and transition it to reporting live on the radio and television.

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