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Must See: Whoopi Goldberg Adresses Rumors On The View

ABC’s longrunning daytime show The View always finds a way to keep itself relevant. The gabfest was once notorious for it’s groundbreaking political discussions and scathing cat fights has become known now less about content and more for the constant revolving of co-hosts. As we reported earlier, The View is cleaning house- they have let go of co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy and with the retirement of Barbra Walters the only women standing is Whoopi Goldberg. Finally addressing all the rumors swirling around the production, Whoopi delivered a must-see monologue. Watch it below…

And there you have it!

The only confirmation The View is releasing is that the show is welcoming back Rosie O’donnell who quit the show back in season 10 after a memorable blow-up with then co-host Elisabeth Hasslebeck over the Iraq War.

With only Whoopi and Rosie confirmed time will tell who fills the remaining seats. We will keep you posted as the drama unfolds. Sound off in the comments who you would like to see sit alongside Whoopi and Rosie!

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