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Shad Moss Hoping To Settle Down With Special Someone

Shad Moss has changed his name and is ready to settle down. The rap star recently told Sister 2 Sister magazine that he has a girlfriend  with whom he may build a luxurious life someday.


“The girlfriend slot? That’s filled now,” said Shad. “I got that, so now it’s just about focusing on the task at hand, and that’s $125 million. I need $125 million and I write that on every mirror in my house and that’s all I’m focused on right now.”

Moss also commented on his social life with friends that seems to be growing bleaker with the passing time. “As you get older, you start seeing your homeboys,” explained the star. “They start getting girlfriends and you call them and say, ‘Let’s watch the game,’ and they’re like, ‘You know I’m with my boo today, man.’ I’ve reached this point in my life where I have everything that I need in balance.”

Shad has one child with ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis.

Source: Sister 2 Sister

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