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Ray J’s Rampage: R & B Singer Charged With Several Misdemeanors

Looks like Brandy’s little brother has gotten himself in some hot water. R& B singer and actor Ray J has been charged with several misdemeanors. In May of this year, Ray J was at a bar in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where he was turning it up in true rock star fashion. During the course of the night, Ray J became a little rowdy and brushed up against a female patron at the bar. The police were called, and Ray J totally lost it.

Ray J

Arresting the singer didn’t stop his rampage; instead while inside the police car Ray J was seen kicking out the back window.  Ray told TMZ that he kicked out the window due to him being claustrophobic. Well, kicking out the window forced the officers to put Ray in restraints, and while doing so, Ray spit on one of the officers. On July 21st, the L. A. county District Attorney charged Ray J with 4 counts of resisting arrest. According to TMZ, the singer was also charged with sexual battery even though the police that were present said that no such crime was committed due to the singer’s actions not being intentional. The singer was also charged with assault, battery, and vandalism which were also misdemeanors.

Source: TMZ

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