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That Kim Kardashian reign just won’t let up! The reality star might be notorious for being notorious and found fame on the heels of her sex tape with Ray-J still it seems Kim K is having the last laugh- and laughing all the way to the bank. Kanye’s wife who has made famous forays into the world of fashion, television, and beauty through her name into the phone app ring this year and his coincidentally enjoying massive success.


As of the start of this week, with the volume of in-app purchases, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” is the fifth highest grossing app in the App Store. Forecasted to be one of if not the top selling game app of the year it’s annual revenue from may reach $200 million!

The app’s description states: “players experience the drama and excitement of earning Hollywood notoriety by completing projects and tasks that lead to new career opportunities. Join Kim Kardashian West on a red carpet adventure to create your own fame and fortune!”

Kim continues to get in where the getting is good. Goodness know what could be next for the reality genius.

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