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Bobby Brown Forced To Leave New Edition Tour Due To Medical Reasons

The self-proclaimed king of R & B, Bobby Brown recently announced that he will be leaving the New Edition tour.  Bobby has been experiencing medical issues that are forcing him to leave the tour early. While performing in Mississippi, Bobby appeared winded during the famous New Edition dance routines; this ultimately led to him walking off the stage.

Bobby Brown 1st Annual "Legends Beyond" Gala - Arrivals

According to TMZ, a representative of Mr. Brown stated the New Edition singer had undergone an “intrusive medical procedure,” which would make performing difficult. Bobby Brown stated, “I apologize to the fans of New Edition. I really wanted to be with my brothers, but presently I am unable to give fans what they typically expect from New Edition.”  Bobby’s departure is bound to disappoint a lot of fans, but maybe he will be able to rejoin the tour at a later date.


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