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Game Of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal Talks Giving Prince Oberyn The Perfect Funeral [VIDEO]

Before I let loose this two-minute video from Vanity Fair filled with joy and hilarity, I should provide (as Pedro does at the beginning) a [SPOILER ALERT] to those Game of Thrones fans out there reading who haven’t seen the latest episode from this past Sunday, ‘The Mountain and the Viper,’ to catch up before watching it. It’ll save you the time screaming “NOOOO!!” at your computer screens that you can spend…screaming “NOOO!!” at your television screens during the last five minutes.

Alrighty then, everything good? Now, here is Mr. Pedro Pascal himself in all his smoking beauty in the latest edition of Improv Imagination (which I’d absolutely watch if it were a weekly online series). Enjoy!

As I watched the video, I realized that his vision of Oberyn’s funeral is freakishly close to the vision of what I’d love my own funeral to look like. Tropical setting, bright loveliness and happy sexy times, mourners in colorful shirts and black bathing suits, elephants traipsing around the water draped in orange. The only difference would be I’d go for a band instead of a DJ, playing Green Day and The Clash and Eric B & Rakim.

Source: The Mary Sue


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