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New Documentary: Why Are There No Asian-American Hip-Hop Stars?

Are you looking for something to do before Game 2 of the the NBA Finals Sunday.  Maybe you need a break after going through Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix. Well, I have just the thing. How about giving a little bit of time to a documentary with a pretty great question: Why are there so few mainstream Asian American rappers?

Bad Rap,” from director  Salima Koroma and producer Jaeki Cho, takes a look at the history of Asian-Americans in hip hop from Mountain Brothers and Jin to the more well-known acts today like Far East Movement and Mr. Gagnam Style PSY. They also take a look at how gender and racial politics may have a role in keeping some of the rappers like Awkwafina (awesome name!) and Rekstizzy in Queens or the Dumfounded crew in L.A. from going big.

Yes, it’s a bit more heady than you’d necessarily go for on a near summer weekend. But it goes for a good cause and does what a good documentary should do: it shines a light on a part of our society that doesn’t receive much attention in an entertaining way. Also, any time a female African-American director can get their proverbial foot in the door in Hollywood is always a plus. Here’s a trailer for the documentary, along with a message from Ms. Koroma and Mr. Cho further explaining what the documentary looks like:

And here’s the link to their Indiegogo page, which has 5 days left and is only $4,251 shy of their goal of $25,000. I don’t know if it’ll make you feel good to give money to the project. But I know it won’t suck, much like this movie won’t.

Source: Colorlines

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