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Yesterday new and upcoming artist Miesa performed for an intimate crowd at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. The Siri Music Group/ eOne Music recording artist is currently working on her debut album and is expecting to release it this upcoming fall. She set the mood for the evening as she performed her new single “Nope (Can’t Let Go)” then she went off into other tracks from her album, with “Blame My Ex” expected to be the next single. Aside from her own original music, she put her vocals on full display as she covered Emeli Sande’s song “Breaking the Law” and John Legend’s “All of Me”. In a brief interview after the show, the New Jersey native reveals that there are a multitude of artist that has inspired her musically.

“My father plays the piano, he’s a musician so at the piano he’s always playing different songs, so we never knew the name of the artist we just knew the song. My whole family sings so it wasn’t like a particular artist that inspired me, it was like Prince, The Beatles, Mint Condition, Babyface, the list goes on, I just like to think of it as a whole melting pot of artist.”


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Jade Ashley: Can you explain the experience of recording your debut album?

“It’s fun at times, but performing is my favorite. The studio is a good time to be creative and everything, but the stage is what I love.”

Jade Ashley: What are your goals, where do you see yourself within the next 5-10 years musically?

“Okay, well going on tour, I should be like on my third album hopefully. Of course having my non-profit organization in full effect, movies and I don’t know, I know it’s going to be big. It’s a train, it’s going to keep moving. I’m going to just grab everything that I can. I don’t want to keep myself in a box I want to do everything.”

Jade Ashley: Since you mentioned touring, is there any specific artist that you would like to tour with?

“Justin Timberlake, Prince, I love Prince because he’s an amazing musician. I want to work with an artist or tour with an artist where it fits right, but I’m not opposed to working with different artist. I’m open, just as long as it’s not the type of music where we can’t relate or the tour is just not my style, even as a person and what I’m trying to portray but I’m open to it.”

Check out some performance footage below:



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