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We all love us some Mrs. Carter, and it’s always a beautiful thing when she graces a magazine cover and this time she has landed the cover of New Times Style Magazine T. Aside from the great pieces rocked by Beyoncé in the shoot, the magazine touches on the transformation Beyoncé has made within her career and how she’s literally one of the most popular artist who now sits on top of the world. In the magazine the recent Beyoncé skit that appeared on Saturday Night Live was mentioned, with the influence she has had and all of the bars she has set, she has been labeled a national figure.

Black women have always been dominant figures in American popular music, but no one, not even Aretha Franklin, has reached the plateau that Beyoncé occupies: pop star colossus, adored bombshell, “America’s sweetheart.” Inevitably, Beyoncé is also a flashpoint, provoking ire from naysayers and ideologues of all stripes.


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