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So of course, every time a celebrity wears baggie clothes, or changes up their style from form fitting tight clothes, to loose baggy weird fitting pants, the media becomes suspicious. Most of the time with the exception of Jennifer Aniston, the suspicions are right. So I don’t know if Kelly Rowland is pregnant, I just know she’s wearing an outfit that is not flattering to her six pack mid-section, and the blogs are whispering. Check out the photo that’s creating all of this buzz at the end of this post.

Kelly Rowland Beyonce Best Friends Pregant

Meanwhile…the blogs also notice that on National Best Friend Day, Beyonce shares this picture below with Kelly Rowland in the middle, while Ms Tina Knowles is kissing Kelly.  Why is Tina Knowles kissing Kelly? Also in the picture is LaLa Anthony. Now, LaLa Anthony and Beyonce are not best friends, friendly but definitely not best friends, however LaLa Anthony and Kelly Rowland are. This photo is not about Beyonce and her besties, it’s about Kelly Rowland and her soulmates. They’re all together to support the person in the middle. Kelly Rowland is centered and surrounded by so much love. This photo is about a special moment…interesting…while the media is speculating about a pregnancy.

Kelly Rowland Pregnant

Normally, I hate these speculation games. We are reading way too much into a photo. I could have sworn Gabrielle Union was pregnant back in 2010, but a baby never popped out. How many times has Beyonce been pregnant, only to have one child? But we adore Kelly Rowland, so we may be following these rumors closely. Let’s not forget the very private wedding to boyfriend, Tim Witherspoon. Crossing fingers.


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