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What is wrong with Justin Bieber? That is the question many are asking today as TMZ just unveiled a video of the teen jokingly composing a parody of his own song “One Less Lonely Girl”. Of course, Bieber took the liberty of replacing his own lyrics with ‘racier’ choices. In the video he sings, “one less lonely n*****. If I kill you, I’ll be part of the KKK. Then there’ll be one less lonely n*****…”.


Additionally, TMZ reports Bieber and his team were the ones responsible for leaking the video! According to reports, Justin has been extorted for money over the years receiving threats over the release of the video, but also that Bieber wants to reportedly  accept responsibility for his actions.

A quick glance at the singers Instagram and Facebook accounts (post the video’s posting today) show images of several Bible passages all dealing with the concept of forgiveness.

Watch the video below and comment your thoughts on Bieber and his ludicrous ways.

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