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‘Dear White People’ Gains Stamina As More Talk About The Film’s Unique Way Of Addressing Race

Dear White People made its debut at the Sundance film festival as a satirical movie meant to make viewers laugh. The movie has since turned into a discussion that companies are thinking of using when addressing racially sensitive topics.

Dear White People

“At Sundance…there was a woman who worked at a Fortune 500 company that said, your film should be shown in our race sensitivity meetings.” says Brandon Bell. The actor is one of several college students followed around in the film. “You make a film to entertain but when it goes above and beyond and changes the way people think…that’s just icing on the cake,” adds the star.

Dear White People is the story of a group of African American college students who must endure stereotypes and other prejudices while finding their way in the world as educated young adults. Although the film is meant to be comical, many of the stereotypes hit so close to home that viewers can’t help but consider the racial barriers that divide cultures in society; and that’s just what writer and director Justin Simien wants.

“I want people to walk away from the film feeling some kind of way,” explains Simien. “I want [viewers] to have enjoyed themselves but even more so I want there to be some sort of thing in them that is kind of disturbed that they have to talk about.”

Stay tuned to see if Dear White People becomes a hit in Hollywood.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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