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Beyonce Dontates $500,000 To Chime For Change; She’s Definitely A Feminist; Sister Solange Supports

There has been great debate over whether or not Beyonce is a feminist because of how she dresses, or that her performances can be overly sexual objectifying women. These debates are petty distractions from the main point of feminism. What is lost in these debate is the fact that Beyonce has just written a check for $500,000 to actually empower the lives of girls and young women globally.

Beyonce Donates Half Million Chime For Change

The check is a donation to Chime for Change, a non-profit organization celebrating its one year anniversary. Beyonce co-founded the organization with actress Selma Hayek and Gucci designer Frida Giannini. The aim of Chime is to:

 Focus on using innovative approaches to raise funds and awareness for projects promoting Education, Health and Justice for girls and women.  To date, we’ve rallied support through a global concert event, a series of short documentary films, a range of technology-driven solutions, and by highlighting the stories of girls and women everywhere who want to see change.  With your help, we’ve funded more than 300 projects in nearly 80 countries.  And we’re just getting started…

Just getting started…That’s $500,000, six zeros, to aid the advancement of women in just one year. That’s half a million dollars donated to create projects and programs to serve young women, to educate young women, and to invest in the future of girls. Leave the debates to the critics and let them focus on defining people, and leave the work of actually changing lives to those like Beyonce, who don’t have time to talk because they’re actually in action. #GirlPower

Beyonce Solane Knowles At Chime For Change

BTW, sister Solange Knowles makes an appearance to support her sister, hitting the ones and twos to DJ the night away. #sisterhood

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