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Porsha Williams In Trouble Over “Gays & Lesbians Need To Be Saved” Comments In Leaked Sermon Video

Porsha Williams has just found herself in hot water over some comments she makes while giving a sermon. First off, who would give Porsha a mic or a platform to preach, and secondly this is the same woman that thought the Underground Railroad was a real train underground like the subway, but for runaway slaves.

People are framing this speech as an anti-gay sermon, but I’d disagree. Although I don’t agree with everything Porsha says in the sermon, it’s not a homophobic rant or hate speech targeting gays in particular, it’s targeting hookers, drug dealers, suicidal mental patients plus the “gays and lesbians” as if they’re one in the same. 0_o

Porsha Sermon Gays & Lesbian Saved

Porsha has definitely landed herself in a sticky situation, but to be fair the point of her message is that God can use anyone including people we least expect, that He loves all people, and that Christians need to show more humility and remember where they came from. I agree…

If Gawd can use a video “vixen” in a low budget Trillville video about smashing, who blacks out and drags pageant winners by their edges across the nice hardwoods during the first 45 minutes of a reality TV reunion special…then He can use anyone. BECAUSE we all know that anyone featured in a Trillville video for fame definitely needs saving.

Porsha’s message, however, kind of gets lost when she suggests that “gays and lesbians” need saving like “drug addicts”. Ruh-roh! At this point the context of her message falls on deaf ears. So we will eat popcorn and see how Porsha spins her way out this one. Good luck! I’m sure this video will also extend Kenya’s relevance, somehow.

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