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Singing and songwriting powerhouse Ne-Yo is back with a new single off of his upcoming project. “Money Can’t Buy” featuring Young Jeezy is expected to appear on his new album Non Fiction, which is being targeted for a September 30th release date. In the track he talks about all of the beauty and specialty that a woman possess that money can’t buy. He hit up the Breakfast Club over at Power 105.1 in New York City to promote the single and he had this to say about his return to R&B music:

I needed my R&B fans to know that I haven’t abandoned them, I had heard something like that being said, nothing can be be further from the truth. I’m gonna keep the lights on (referring to making pop music) I’m gonna make the money, but I’m also gonna make the music that feels good to me, but at the same time I do understand where that came from, so I came on home with this one. This album is 99.999998% R&B.


Check out the single when you continue. . .


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