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I know Tiny and T.I. have another season of The Family Hustle to promote, but something is just not right here. We try to ignore the rumors and stay away from things we can’t confirm, however, we think it’s very strange that T.I. and Tiny live in the same city, but live in separate homes. We also find it odd that the two haven’t been seen together in public although they have a family show to promote. Couples go through things, and this just may a stage in the life of people who don’t have traditional lives, but according to Straight From The A, T.I. has reportedly been living in a new house while Tiny is living in the old house.

…if you do one of yo Chateau Sheree drive-bys to [ADDRESS REMOVED] you might get a glimpse of T.I. in his (only his) new crib but you ain’t hear that from me. Lol!!!! (really you didn’t hear that from me.)

T.I. Buckhead Bachelor Pad No Tiny

I don’t know Tiny, but you can always e-mail me, we never did finish that interview. I would be happy to set the record straight. I won’t believe the rumors until it comes from Tiny’s mouth, but the optics don’t look good. More photos and juice via Michelle when you continue to Straight From The A

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