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RHOA Reunion: Porsha Literally Dragged Kenya Moore & Shined The Floor…Now The Universe Is Balanced Again!

The RHOA reunion special we all have been waiting for finally arrived, and let me just stop to say thank you to Porsha Williams. I always thought being dragged and mopping the floor with you were metaphors for fighting, I didn’t realize until last night how literal those words are because that’s exactly what Porsha does in this reunion special. Porsha drags Kenya by the roots, mops her across the dusty hardwoods, leaving the floor with a Mr. Clean shine before letting go of what is left of Kenya’s edges. It’s only a few seconds long, but I must have hit rewind on the DVR at least a dozen times, and played it in slow motion. At the end of it all, Porsha still looks flawless.

Porsha Dragged Kenya Edges Across The Hardwoods.jpg

Violence is wrong, but I believe the universe wants Kenya’s edges as a burnt offering. Not very many people can sit by and just let someone bully them emotionally and with props week after week. I’m also a little upset with Andy Cohen, you can definitely tell who makes the most money for him because he rushes to Kenya’s side and is quick to denounce Porsha’s behavior, while playing into Kenya’s drama. Andy doesn’t tolerate violence? Since when? Has he not watched his own reality shows over the years…BUT yet he clearly tolerates props.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.01.39 AM

Kenya Point Sceptre At Porsha

Anyway, you see everyone else on the show, including production, run to Porsha’s side for a reason…well except for Cynthia, but that’s probably because no one told her what to do in the scene, or as NeNe would have put it the wind probably isn’t blowing strong enough on the stage. BUT Cynthia does do what Cynthia does best, strike a pose. She’s clearly trying to get a VOGUE cover in the middle of the brawl.

Cynthia Strike Pose RHOA Fight

When the fight is over, and the other girls rally behind an emotional Porsha, I almost cried, too. #IStandWithPorsha

Andy Cohen picked the wrong team, he BET’ not fire Porsha. To those who are saying Kenya Moore is playing Porsha like chess to get her eliminated, this is not Survivor or the Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle, there is no final prize and this isn’t a game to win, it’s a reality show… and in reality Kenya isn’t playing chess..she’s  just that crazy, basic, and evil.

In case you missed it all…get your life below:

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