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Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe Cover Features Dancer Khadija Shari; Pharrell Changes Things Up With New Cover

It looks as if the colorism” backlash may have gotten to Pharrell more than he lead onto during a recent interview with Oprah. In an attempt to show that he is an all inclusive guy, he reveals the cover art for his new single, Marilyn Monroe. The cover features his dancer Khadija Shari as the new face of Marilyn. After seeing Lupita Nyong’o named as People’s Most Beautiful, it’s nice to see Pharrell thinking outside of the box for a new “Marilyn Monroe”.

Marilyn Monroe By Pharrell Features Black Woman

Although some people are still mad, the good news is that the dialogue has changed, and we know those few people are really just being petty. Pharrell is thinking outside of the box and using his platform to expand the scope of beauty in music, and to challenge traditions. Kudos!

Check out the video below featuringĀ Khadija Shari :

When you’re famous you have an opportunity to change things or accept things…

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