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Miami Heat Show Solidarity With The LA Clippers Admist Donald Sterling Scandal

I know I haven’t written about the Donald Sterling scandal because I know once I start, I will write a book on this scandal here. There are a few things I just can’t believe. First off this fool is married, but has his mistress sitting court side at the games…since 2010. Second of all, his wife is suing the mistress because her husband, Donald Sterling, spent their community property showering his half black-and-mexican mistress with gifts in excess of $2 million dollars. Thirdly, V Stiviano is only one of her many names, and she claims to have hundreds of hours of recordings from Donald Sterling because she’s his archivist. The scandal that just keeps on giving!

But this post is not about Donald Sterling and his racist words but about LeBron James and the Miami Heat turning their jerseys inside out to support their peers on the Clippers. Miami Heat along with many other playoff teams in the NBA are wearing black head bands and black socks as a silent protest against Donald Sterling ignorant comments. This picture touched my heart and I’m not even a Heat fan:

Miami Heat Wear Jerseys Support Clippers Protest

BTW, my Mavs also sported black socks to support the Clippers. #MAVS

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