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Recently Jhene Aiko was featured in the latest issue of GQ Magazine that displayed her petite and toned body. In the sexy photo’s the singer can be seen posing on the beach and also in some sexy lingerie. She talked to GQ about the kind of men she’s attracted to and she said:

I’m pretty open-minded and so I like to give different types of guys chances. My ideal date would be driving with no destination and just talk, get to know each other, get lost. And I’ve actually done that with someone and it was a pretty good driving date. If it was was just like, ‘Get ready’ and then we’re going mountain climbing, and I’m like, ‘Wha? I have on flip flops.’ I like to be spontaneous, but I don’t like it to be a surprise.


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BONUS: Check out this cute video of Jhene on stage with her daughter (that she shares with Omarion’s little brother O’Ryan) from this past weekend at Cochella.

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