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Jada Pinkett-Smith Chops Off Hair – New Pixie Hair Do?!?

Jada Pinkett-Smith is taking it back to the old school Jada with short hair. The actress has been seen around town sporting a new pixie do. I’m so use to Jada with long hair now, it may take a while to adjust, but I do believe I like it.

Jada Pinkett Cuts Hair Short Pixie Do

Although this hairstyle is a hot topic, Jada Pinkett-Smith debuts her new style while discussing a documentary for CNN on human trafficking. Jada discusses how easy it is for women to slip into a lifestyle that leads to prostitution, especially in Atlanta, where young women view stripping as a way of being independent.

Young women were perceiving stripping as way of being independent and bold. I missed that. I think that has something to do with my age. I was just talking to my girlfriend, and I was like hey, when we were coming up, stripping was the bottom. The stripping culture was not glorified…If you were stripping there was problem. You were on drugs; something was wrong. Something was wrong.

Whereas today, that’s not it. Girls look at strippers like…I want that. I totally didn’t see it until I talked to his girl today.

It’s an interesting video message. Human trafficking is something dear to Jada Pinkett-Smith, and I can relate to her words. I’m a little older, my generation started glorifying stripping, so I can remember when it was taboo, but I can also remember being one of the only girls hanging out in the “shake-spot”, before it was apart of the norm, thinking nothing of it. I have friends that have put themselves through college and law school because of stripping. But then you grow up and you see the problem with glorifying something that can lead many women into a lifestyle of decline, or even worse, human trafficking. Check out Jada’s words below:

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