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I don’t know what’s wrong with our hip-hop culture, or this BS system of street ethics. But The Game and T.I. almost land themselves in jail, AGAIN, after a stand-off with police. Here’s the kicker, T.I. and The Game are in a stand-off against the LAPD because they believe the police beat a few members of their entourage to a bloody pulp. It turns out the entourage couldn’t get into the Supperclub, and they got into an argument with security at the door when one of the members threw the first punch, and security beat the you know what of them. So instead of getting the facts first, T.I. and The Game all in their feelings, accost the cops for a showdown, when the cops did not do a thing.

TI The Game Fighting Police Stand Off

For the record if the cops did beat their “friends”, especially if their “friends” threw the first punch, the cops would have been well in their right to use any force necessary. At least know the law. This is not a reason to riot.

Instead of attacking the LAPD, or the security, The Game and T.I. probably should have gotten the facts, and handled their entourage. These rappers got millions of dollars in the bank, children at home, but still trying relive the glory days Boyz In the Hood. T.I. needs to have several seats at an anti-violence charity event, and The Game needs a seat right next to Chris Brown. This mess is so 90s…like we are so grown now in our thirties.

This is the type of stuff that makes you want to quit blogging; a waste of energy and talent. Check out the video below:

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