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I always say having a baby changes things, and things have changed between Kevin McCall and Eva Marcille. During a heated argument, Kevin McCall became violent, kicking down doors, and chasing Eva Marcille and the baby around the house, in an attempt to take the baby from Eva. Just days later the two of them were on Instagram looking like a very happy family.

Eva Marcille Kevin McCall Restraining Order

Glad, they’re working things out, but if I were Eva I would follow that motherly instinct and remember why the restraining order was necessary in the first place. Violence usually escalate each episode.

Eva obtained a restraining order against rapper BF Kevin McCall on March 28th, claiming he went ballistic during an argument and chased her around their home, trying to take their 2-month-old daughter.

Eva claims Kevin kicked down 4 doors during his rampage and even threatened to punch her.

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