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With spring in full effect the festival season has fallen upon us and this weekend all of your favorite celebs flocked to Indio, CA for the annual Cochella Music & Arts Festival. Some of the highlights from the festival included the highly anticipated Outkast reunion as the duo celebrated 20 years. Also Nas brought out Jay- Z during his set as he has been celebrating 20 years since he dropped his debut album Illmatic. The Knowles sisters Beyonce & Soloange danced it up on stage to Solo’s hit “Losing You” and many more memorable moments.


Check out the highlights from the festival when you continue. . .

Many of your favorites including Diddy (or Puff Daddy, whichever one he’s calling himself) & even Prince hit up the festival grounds to see Big Boi and Andre 3000 hit the stage as they headlined the first night of the festival.

Check out their full set below:



Nas hit the stage with a full set as he recently has been celebrating 20 years since he dropped his first album Illmatic back in 94′, and during his set he had Jay -Z hit the stage with him.

Check out the full set below:



Jay-Z wasn’t the only Carter to appear on the stage at the festival this weekend. Beyonce joined her younger sister Solange on stage at the end of her set to dance to her single “Losing You”.

Check out the fun dance video below:

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