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Back On: Chris Brown Sends Karrueche A Love Voicemail; He Had Her At Hello!

What does it take for Chris Brown to get back with Karrueche after constantly cheating on her? Not much. Apparently all she needs is a simple voice-mail message that says I love you baby. Who knew it would be that easy to change the news cycle?

Ummmm, Calling up my fans letting y’all know I love y’all. Thank y’all for all the support. Thank you for everything. The new video just came out so hope y’all enjoy that…most importantly, K, Karrueche, I love you, so thank you baby.

You can tell by her expression that she’s smitten and she’s still in love. She’s loyal!!! On the good side of things he said her name, so now we know how to pronounce it.

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