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Charlamagne Makes MiMi & Nikko “Donkey Of The Day”; Says MiMi Is Better Off On Stevie J’s Bus

You already know Charlamagne from Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club has a knack for words. He has a certain gift for saying the things we’re all thinking but with a little bit of humor. So it’s no surprise that MiMi and her “boyfriend” Nikko share the title for Donkey of the Day. If you’re wondering why shower rods have suddenly become popular on social media, it’s because MiMi and Nikko are starring in their very own “home video” featuring the now infamous shower scene to be released by Vivid Entertainment sometime this month.

While many people are trying to defend MiMi by playing the “she’s grown she can do whatever she wants to card”, Charlamagne explains why MiMi is better off with Stevie J than she is with Mr. Nikki-Nick-Knack-Nicotine.

Stevie J dogged you out, but Nick-knack hoed you out…How in the hell a sex tape turn into an exercise tape…

Poor MiMi, I wonder if she’s having any regrets, yet. I just don’t understand making these choices in your mid 40’s. It’s not for me to understand, but I do feel that if people really, truly believed in a higher power other than themselves, they would understand that being a child of God has its privileges. They wouldn’t turn to men like Stevie J or Nikko to provide for them, they would know their worth.

MimI Faust Love Hip Hop Atlanta Sex Tape Nikko

When you dig deeper into the lives of women who have been a victim of the porn industry, you’d realize they’re not genuinely happy about their life choices. The smiles are simply a facade covering up a history of abuse or deep rooted insecurities. There are not too many 60 year old women proud of the moves they made in the porn industry when they were younger. So yes women have the right to choose whatever they want to, but when they have better options in front them, rarely do they choose this route. A good man will NEVER do this to you. #BOUND

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