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Black Male Students On Their “Suit & Tie” Defy Stereotypes

I just had to share this video, which pretty much speaks for itself. Young black male students from Illinois’ Central High School are trying to change the negative stereotypes of young black men with this video Suit & Tie in the 217. These babies are dressed in their finest to project a counter image of black teen sagging to their knees, wearing oversize jerseys and hoodies.

Black Male Students Suit Tie Video

The students used in this video are successful student scholars, athletes, and representatives for our schools. They are National Honor Society members, Honor Roll members, future collegiate athletes, and future college students at several Big Ten Universities. They are also Eagle Scouts, military personnel, and poets. They are class of 2014 and 2015.

Check out the video below:

There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your clothes, but make sure your grades are on point. I’m not against street wear, but you  have to admit these boys look they’re ready to take on the world.

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