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Chris Brown will not be moved to another rehab facility, he’s going to stay in jail. Although the singer completed his initial 90 days at a Malibu facility, he was sentenced back to rehab to stay until his April 23rd court hearing in D.C. for misdemeanor assault charges. Unfortunately Chris Brown was kicked out of rehab before that date even arrived.

The judge in the case ordered Brown’s arrest once he was kicked out rehab, again. The judge also decided that Brown should remain in jail until his D.C. trial because he’s unable to stay out of trouble.

Chris Brown Goes To Jail Jailed

Now, I’m going to say this…that rehab facility failed him IF rumors are true that he had inappropriate contact with a female employee, however, Chris Brown is an adult, unable to account for his actions. He was to follow all rules, no matter how small to avoid jail for 4 more weeks, and he failed to comply. Plain and simple! He refused a drug test, although he later tested negative for drugs, and apparently he was ordered to stay away from all women, but made contact by touching a woman’s elbow and hands. He also trashed the program, and reportedly made a statement about guns and knives that was inappropriate.

Sad thing is he was so close to finishing probation, and so close to being released from rehab, and yet he couldn’t control his impulses for the home stretch. I want to feel sorry for him, but it’s hard. Check out the video below of Brown receiving the news:

Maybe a dose of reality will finally kick him into gear.

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