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Tina Campbell one half of the singing gospel duo Mary Mary sits down for an interview with C Nikky to discuss her husband’s infidelity featured on the show Mary Mary this season. While on tour, Teddy, Tina’s husband, found some love and affection outside of his marriage.

During the interview with C NikkyTina takes partial blame, well actually she shares a lot of the blame for her husband’s cheating ways. I get what she’s saying in this interview but it’s hard for me to place any blame on Tina Campbell, knowing she’s a “loud mouth control freak”, because at the end of the day her husband had a choice, and he failed with his choice to cheat.

Tina Teddy Campbell Mary Mary

Here’s Tina’s take on the infidelity in her marriage and why she’s willing to stay and work it out with Teddy

I Tina assume full responsibility for the issues that I contributed to the relationship.  I was controlling, talked too much.  And you can never be heard over me because when I wanna talk I got the floor and ain’t nobody gonna get it from me until I give it up.  Real talk. That was the way it was and I have to work on myself. You know what I mean?  I was selfish.  When we started having children it’s like, I forget that I have a responsibility as a wife.  And I’m questioning you like, ‘Really, what you want me to do?  I gotta baby!’  Even though that’s sometimes what you’re faced with, that ain’t the right spirit to do it in. And what happens is, you’re going on and you’re busy and you’ve got children and you’ve got work.  And what happens is your husband is last and you don’t realize that he’s last.  And if he has a problem with being last you’re like,’Well, what am I supposed to do?  You know that I’ve got a career?  You know that I’ve got these babies, you’re the one that got me pregnant!’ ”

“You want your husband to be the man and to take his place, but because ‘I’m a strong woman, I’m a this woman and I’m a that woman’ we busy stepping on our man.  Making him feel small.  And you know what?  I did that.  And I take responsibility for that.


Here’s Tina’s answer to the question, “Why did your man cheat?”…

“I know that I look good.  I know that I’m sexy.  I know that there’s not a problem when the doors are closed.  I know that I contribute well to my household as a woman and all of that.  And that’s not fronting and that’s not lying.  I know that.  But, when there is a lack of intimacy and there’s distance, how beautiful you are, how much you bring it and how sexy you…that does not matter!  Because you want to feel valued and when you don’t feel valued, sometimes you make the choices to go somewhere else where somebody’s paying a lot more attention and that’s what happened.”

I’m guessing he didn’t find too much value in the arms of another woman since he’s not leaving home, or maybe he calculated child support for five kids. Seriously, I’m glad they’re working it out for the sake of family and vows, but Tina is taking too much of the blame, IMO.

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