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Singer Lorde Calls E! News “Creeps” For Engagement Rumors To James Lowe

Singer Lorde speaks out against E! News, calling them “creeps” for trying to clear up engagement rumors. The singer is 17 years old, and is probably not thinking about marrying her boyfriend, James Lowe, who is 24 years old. I most certainly think it’s an overreach to go after a 17 year old and her boyfriend to confirm rumors of an engagement because a ring was spotted on her ring finger while she was casually shopping, and so does Lorde:

You officially hit the big time when creeps from [e!] think wearing rings means getting married.

Lorde Boyfriend James Lowe Not Engaged

I get that E! is trying to clear up rumors that popular bloggers like Perez Hilton are trying to push by reading too much into a simple picture, but she’s still only 17, although she looks and acts maturer. Check out the e-mail E! sent to Lorde’s boyfriend to verify these rumors:

Hi, James, not sure if you remember me from back in December, but my name is Maureen and I’m writing to you from E! News and E! Entertainment Television in Los Angeles. I hope you’re having a great Friday so far! There are some new photographs of Lorde out today wearing what appears to be a diamond ring on her ring finger. Are you two engaged? Thank you in advance for anything you can share and congratulations if true!

Lorde Boyfriend James Lowe

“And congrats if it’s true”…LOL! E! News knows better, if they want a confirmation they need to reach out to Lorde’s publicist, and not stalk the boyfriend, who isn’t even the famous one.

BTW, should a 24 year old be dating a 16 year old who just turned 17???.

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