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Earlier in March, Columbus Short of Scandal was involved in a bar fight at Gabe’s Bar & Grill LA after some negative comments were made about his wife, by another man. According to witnesses, Short punched the man in the face and continued to punch the man until he appeared dead. Short then fled the scene. Investigators are looking into criminal battery charges against the actor. I need Harrison to realize Scandal is just a script and Olivia Pope is not going to appear out of nowhere in a trench coat to fix this mess.


The back story is that Short and his wife, Tanee McCall-Short (also an actor), have been going through some marital issues. The couple filed for divorce back in September, but they’ve recently called off the divorce, and have decided to work things out. Although the man at the bar hasn’t been identified, we know from his comments that he had some connection to Short’s wife, Tanee. The two men got into a heated exchange, when the other guy said something to the effect:

You might be richer than me but I get my girls to buy me everything I want including your wife.

…and that’s when Short punched the guy in the face and continued to pound on him. They’re calling it a sucker punch, but it sounds to me like the other guy was asking for it. But apparently Columbus Short has a temper problem and a past that includes assault:

The ambulance took the victim — who suffered a broken nose and was rendered unconscious for several minutes — to a nearby hospital. Police are now investigating the incident as criminal battery.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Columbus has gotten physical — in March 2010, the “Stomp the Yard” actor got into a scuffle with a basketball player at an L.A. fitness gym, knocking out several of the man’s teeth. {Source}

IDK, Harrison just got a little sexier in my book! #Gladiator Never mind, turns out Short has domestic assault past, too. He’s been arrested at least twice for assaulting his wife. Uh-oh!


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