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Good news for Matthew Knowles, not so good news for his son, Nixon, and terrible news for his baby-mama, Alexsandra Wright, who tried to take this private battle to the media; Matthew Knowles child support payments have been reduced.  Matthew says his income has gone down considerably since his famous daughter fired him as her manager, and thus he doesn’t have the income to pay Alexsandra Wright the $12,000 per month he was initially ordered to pay by the courts. According to TMZ, Knowles claims to only have made $127,000 last year as oppose to $3 Million two years prior.

The judge must not like Alexsandra Wright, or believes Matthew Knowles is really broke because his child support payments are reduced to $2,485— From $12,000 to $2,485 a month! Alexsandra Wright should consider moving to Texas, where the dollars will stretch a lot further.

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