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So Bobbi Kristina Is Too Skinny, But Can Care Less What We Think!

I’ve noticed Bobbi Kristina’s weight loss for a while, but didn’t even bother discussing the issue on the blog because I know she’s still grieving the loss of her mother. I don’t when it’s appropriate to say that Bobbi Kristina needs professional help, without sounding insincere or judgmental, but I do believe it’s about that time. After seeing these pictures, all I can hope is that someone will intervene soon. Someone who truly wants to help because it’s the right thing to do, and not because it looks good on reality TV.

Although twitter is filled with eating-disorder jokes and outcries concerning Bobbi Kristina’s weight loss, she has a message of her own for those of us with opinions:

Bobbi Kristina Bikini Weight Loss Skinny 2

I don’t know, y’all…

Bobbi Kristina Bikini Weight Loss Skinny

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