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Remember when we introduced you to 4-year old Mayhem, she and her mother, Angie, make these elaborate paper dresses drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and the red carpet. Well, it didn’t take long for the world to catch on, and little Mayhem has become a famous designer. Ellen DeGeneres contacted the mother along with several other media outlets to get the exclusive rights to showcase Mayhem’s designs inspired by the Oscars’ red carpet looks.

Check out the three looks we did for Mayhem’s dress exclusively on Ellen’s Blog. Why did we decide to share them with Ellen’s people? They were the only ones who didn’t pressure us about it – so it stayed FUN 🙂 #fashionbymayhem

Mayhem Paper Dress Oscars Lupita Nyongo

Check out Mayhem’s paper dress replicas; once again Lupita Nyong’o is a muse, plus more designs inspired by Ellen and Jennifer Lawrence when you continue…

Mayhem Paper Dress Oscars Ellen.png

Mayhem Paper Dress Oscars Jennifer Lawrence.png

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