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Some say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. I don’t necessarily believe that, but Tiny and T.I. aren’t exactly acting like a happily married couple on Instagram, lately. While T.I. is in the strip clubs filming the strippers and posting them on Instagram (who does that?), his wife Tiny is somewhere in paradise with her girlfriends having fun in a her monokini

Tiny Leopard Monokini Enjoying Paradise

Allegedly there’s another woman involved in this mess, and she has been identified! The jump-off reportedly has a name and a face. Also, find out what Basketball Wives LA’s Draya has to do, or not to do, with the situation via our friends at Tattle Tailzz.

Now some celebs claim they want people to stay out of their personal lives, but when they’re sending subliminal messages a la social media it makes it kind of hard to mind your own business.  More pics of Tiny in her leopard monokini showing all of the Kang’s cakes in paradise when you continue…

Tiny Leopard Monokini Enjoying Paradise 2

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