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So why is Tiny on Instagram and twitter admitting that T.I. cheats? Who wastes their tweets on the sideline action when you’re already in the game? {Diva Snap}

Tiny Admits TI Is Cheating

Why is T.I. policing Tiny’s booty, when he’s clearly having trouble policing his peen? {Miss Jia}

-AND- Why are Tiny and T.I. creating all this drama on social media instead of just welcoming the new baby into their household?  I mean…IF there’s an alleged new baby *wink wink* {Funky Dineva}

Is “on break” the new black?

Tiny Leopard Monokini Enjoying Paradise 2

Speaking of arguing with side pieces, why is Keyshia Cole arguing with strippers over her husband, again online…for all to see? Celebrities do know we can read these tweets, too, right? Honestly we’re not the ones starting this drama, but we are sipping the tea while watching… {via Twana Tells}

Keyshia Cole Confirms Marriage Problems On Twitter

Keyshia Cole Husband Cheating With H Town Stripper.com

Speaking of side-pieces, Is Amina a wife or a mistress? Can someone please help me understand Peter Gunz‘ situation? Why is Peter Gunz mad at his wife, Amina, for getting pregnant but apologizing to his mistress, Tara, for breaking up their happy home? {Hello Beautiful}

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So many questions…



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