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VICE Documentary Takes On Illegal Butt Injections…A Must See!!!

VICE, a global youth media group known for their documentaries and hit HBO show of the same name, has a new topic its exploring, Buttloads of Pain. VICE is investigating illegal butt injections– underground, and the insane need for women to pump poison into their buttocks to save money in order to enhance their figures. Sadly, more and more people, yes men, too, are seeking unnatural ways to alter their figures on the black market leading to disfigurement and even death. Word of mouth is how this illegal practice is spread. Now, we’re seeing more and more medical cases like the one pictured below.

All I’ve ever wanted to know was why and how did this even start to be a thing, and VICE answers all of my questions with the history of silicone injections.

…it was the transgender community that really pioneered the backroom butt-injection scene in the 1980s and 90s. For a male transitioning to a female at that time, it was a ridiculous notion to think that insurance would foot the bill for procedures that made their outside look the way they felt on the inside. The black market was the go-to place for these types of augmentations because it was considerably cheaper.

VICE Illegal Butt Injections Documentary

Check out a preview of the documentary, and try not to judge, it’s a lot more to the history of illegal injections that goes way back to World War II. I don’t know what would possess someone to inject fix-a-flat into their butt, but apparently there are more people out there who would inject poison than one could imagine:

VICE Illegal Butt Injections Documentary 3

VICE Illegal Butt Injections Documentary 2

The full episode will air next week on VICE so look out for it.

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