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Kanye Concert In Dallas Was Not Empty…The Ice Didn’t Stop The Show!

There has been a lot of negative talk about Kanye West, mainly because Kanye West says A LOT of negative things to the media, but I do want to clear up one particular rumor. There’s a photo making its rounds across the internet that shows Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar performing to an empty arena Saturday night in Dallas, TX...

First off, there was an epic ice storm (well epic to us) that left motorist coming in from Oklahoma stranded on the highway for 12 hours or more. Secondly the picture making its rounds across social media was taken hours before the concert even started. Thirdly, the diehard fans may have been a little late due to the road conditions, but no ice storm could stop this show.

By the time the concert started and Kanye West hit the stage the arena was packed. One fan claimed to have walked 8 miles in the ice just to make it to the concert. For the record this photo is intentionally misleading and out of context:

Kanye West Dallas Concert Before The Show

Here’s a video and a few pics of what the stadium really looked like when Kanye West performed via @someflyguy

This is ish crazy man…I look up and I see this whole arena filled up..

Even Kanye was humbled by the size of the crowd, and the amount of people who braved the roads just to see him and Kendrick perform. IJS, Kanye West can do bad all by himself without people making up stories.

Here’s yet another view…via @_alisaanicole

Kanye West Dallas Concert Full

and another…via @CaylaVuitton

Kanye West Dallas Concert Full 2

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