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Dwyane Wade Fathered A Child While “On Break” With Gabrielle Union

I try to stay away from the Dwyane Wade cheating rumors because they’re just that, rumors, although during the play-offs in 2013 a local Miami Heat newspaper confirmed that a Miami Heat star was caught cheating on his high profile girlfriend, and had been seen exiting another woman’s apartment frequently. Well six months later, we now know those rumors are actually true. So why write about it now? Because Dwyane Wade has a son with this other woman, and the son will be apart of his life. In other words the story has hit mainstream media and has been confirmed by several sources:

NBA star Dwyane Wade recently spent time with his new baby boy he fathered with a woman while on a break with now-fiancée Gabrielle Union, a source close to the couple tells ET. Wade, 31, and Union, 41, who were officially engaged last week, have worked through the issue privately as a couple, and the Bring It On star was aware of the child before their engagement. Wade has known the mother of his youngest son for many years. {

Gabrielle Union Celebrates Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has “known” the mother of his new son for many years. Oh OK! Sadly this news is overshadowing the fact that Dwyane proposed to his long time girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, who is well aware of the new baby. Dwayne has publicly admitted that he and Gabby were on break when the allege affair took place. Usually I would insert my opinion here, but I’m tired of bashing Gabrielle Union. If she’s happy with the circumstances, I’m happy for her. We only get a glimpse of a small piece of their life; love is complicated, especially in this industry.

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