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Taylon Last Wish Beyonce SurvivorWe get to talk about all of the rumors and gossip regarding celebrities, but I love talking about the good things that celebrities do with their influence and power. During a concert in Las Vegas, Queen B made one young lady’s, Taylon, wish come true by singing Survivor in an upclose and very personal moment.

Ivy McGregor, CEO of YVI Enterprises was instrumental in making sure Taylon’s last wishes came true. Here’s a little background information on Taylon that Ivy McGregor revealed on Instagram (via Tattle Tailzz), plus the video below:

Been a lot of places and seen many faces, but I’ve not met one so young and as strong, positive and courageous, as this beautiful 12 year old young lady – meet Taylon, she has been fighting cancer since being diagnosed 12 months ago. Taylon has endured medicines, chemotherapy, radiation and multiple surgeries including a full leg amputate and STILL maintains an A average scholastically. Well due to a new recent finding of cancer on her brain which is inoperable – she was placed on hospice and given two weeks to live. Well we know God has the final say on that!! So tonight one of Taylon’s wishes was granted at #TheMrsCarterShow #LasVegas and the boss @Beyonce came down from the BeyStage and sang to and danced with Taylon – it was one of the most moving moments of the entire tour! The another wish Taylon has is she’s asked her family to host her Living Celebration of Life. I know you don’t know this young lady personally but I’d like to be able to send her a ton of kind notes from all of you – as I’m sure her story has touched you as much as she’s touched me. So will you please stop and share a kind note right here right now for this incredible young lady – I will forward to Taylon’s mother. Thank you!!Now – let’s go 

Brace yourself for this video, it really is a touching moment. Yes, I know Beyonce has done this before, but it still warms my heart. Just something about the spirit of this little girl– so happy, knowing she’s on hospice and will die any day now…

[Source: Tattle Tailzz]

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