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Want Muscles Like Tyson Beckford? Check Out His Regimen

Do you need proof that God exists?  Tyson Beckford is your answer.  He’s 42 years old.  And has the physique of a Greek god.  I mean…come on.  While genetics comes in to play, you have to work hard to have a pay off like that.  And the Daily Mail has given out the scoop on Tyson‘s fitness routine.  It might be cold outside but it’s never too early to start on that summer body!

Photo courtesy of BeckfordOnline.com

Photo courtesy of BeckfordOnline.com

The 42-year-old told Perth Now that along with regular cardio exercises like cycling and jump-roping, he does up to 600 sit-ups and 200 to 1,000 push-ups every single day to maintain his physique.

Not only does he have a rigorous workout routine, but he also follows a restrictive diet that involves avoiding sugary foods, red meat and alcohol, limiting himself to mostly seafood, vegetables and healthy fats.

I think if I did 600 sit-ups, I probably wouldn’t be able to move at all tomorrow.  Add in 200-1000 push-ups and you’re pretty much going to have to put me in a motorized wheelchair.  But I gotta give it to him; the results are right there for all the world to see!  Amen!

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