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Ciara is in love with Future, and they are engaged and soon they will be married. Apart of unconditional love is accepting everything about your partner, including his past. Although Ciara has not confirmed those pregnancy rumors (even though we all have eyes and can clearly see the baby bump), she’s definitely working on becoming the best wife and step mother she could be. Check out Ciara with her new family below at a Future concert:

Ciara Future Baby Mamas Blended Family

[India, Future’s sister Tia, Ciara, Brittni]

Ciara will have to form a relationship with these women because all of the children will have the same father, Future. Now that Ciara has the ring, it looks like the ladies have also buried the hatchet, and hopefully there won’t be anymore twitter feuds or public fights.  Keep it private ladies!  More pics with the kids when you continue:

Ciara New Blended Family Future

Ciara Future Baby Mama Blended Family


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