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Chris Brown Throws Rock At Mother’s Car; Judge Orders Brown BACK To Rehab!

The judge presiding over Chris Brown’s probation case has ordered the troubled singer back to rehab. Chris Brown will go to a new court approved facility for 90 days for inpatient treatment, after learning that Brown threw a rock through his mother’s car smashing her window.

Earlier, TMZ reported that Chris Brown was asked to leave anger rehab because of his angry outburst. But actually his angry outburst was due to the fact that his mother along with the facility didn’t want him to leave, so he broke the rules by acting out violently. Sounds like Chris Brown was going to leave on his own accord one way or the other. Hopefully he enjoyed this little bit of freedom because the judge just gave him 90 days in real rehab and the district attorney has reserved the right to provoke his probation pending the outcome of his treatment.

Guess who’s standing by his side for better or worse, obviously not his mother, but his girlfriend Karrueche. I’m so glad he’s being forced into rehab, hopefully this time he will open up or risk jail. According to a letter written by his case manager from the rehab facility, Chris Brown is very guarded, and needs professional help! There is some good news, Chris Brown will get to leave rehab three times a week…to fulfill his 1,000 community service hours.

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