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Viking’s Adrian Peterson’s 2 Yr Old Son Dies From Child Abuse By Another Man

The sports world has been hit pretty hard with some extremely sad news. Adrian Peterson, running back for Minnesota Vikings, has to bury his two year old son. Peterson’s son (who’s name has not been released) was rushed to the hospital, unresponsive and in critical condition. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the two year old had been beaten by the mom’s new boyfriend, Joseph Robert Patterson, and suffered from complications from child abuse. The poor baby later died from those injuries. *Stop to wipe tears*

Adrian Peterson Son RIP 2

[We know this is NOT a picture of the son that died, the son’s real identity and information is not supposed to be leaked by the media because he is a minor child, nor should his picture. The picture above is a picture of Adrian Jr, which captures the sentiment of father and son. ]

The child’s mother, left the son alone in the care of her new boyfriend Joseph Robert Patterson (pictured below), who has been arrested on two felony counts of aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault domestic, with more charges pending. SMH!

Joseph-Robert-Patterson Kills Child

The sad thing is, or even sadder thing is, that a simple background check would have revealed this man’s true character:

Patterson was indicted on several counts of simple assault involving the woman and her 3-year-old son in June of 2012.

The woman took out a protection order against him in Lincoln County prior to his arrest, saying he had spanked her 3-year-old so hard for misbehaving in church that he needed ice for welts on his buttocks. When she got angry with him for it, she wrote, he made the children go to their rooms, pulled the shades, grabbed her by the throat and waved his fist in her face. {Read the rest via Black Sports Online}

A background check is so easy, cost so little, and your child is so worth it. This breaks my heart and I’m so angry at this man. I pray for the Adrian Peterson, and his family. I have two sons, I couldn’t imagine. I just can’t…

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