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Rihanna’s ‘The Making Of Pour It Up’ Vid Is Filled With Pole Dancing & Booty Shaking

Whew man. This video clip is BARELY safe for work, let me tell you that.  But who’s surprised?  With a song that celebrates the ways of the strip club, I already expected this video to be a NSFW spectacular.  Even though she’s a little late with the release, Rihanna posted the ‘Making Of’ video for Pour It Up last night.

Rihanna Pour It Up making of video

It looks like there’s a lot of thought going into this video.  Not just throwing some strippers on a stage, but lots of lighting and photographic creativity is being utilized.  Hell, I can’t lie.  It looks like a fun video to be on the set of. I’m not gonna say anything about how Rihanna looks just like Joseline Hernandez though.  Check out the clip below (again, if you’re at work…I’d say be careful): 


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