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Rihanna Addicted To Pain; Check Out New Hand Tattoo…Ouch!

Rihanna got tattooed the ancient way, with a uhi (chisel) and a mallet. While visiting New Zealand, Rihanna decided to get a souvenir she would never forget, a Maori style tattoo called, Ta moko. This style of of markings does not use a needle, but instead carves designs into the skin by using a chisel to create bumpy grooves, with ink created by a fungi riddled dead caterpillar. Ouch!

In a video uploaded by Tiki Taane, a New Zealander musician and tattoo artist who worked on the “We Found Love” singer with tattooist Inia Taylor, Rihanna is seen grimacing as little arrows are hammered into her right hand.

Check out this close up of Rihanna’s hand after the ta moko, when you continue…Ouch!

Rihanna Maori Tattoo Ta Moko Hand

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