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Lyfe Jennings Performs An Acoustic Version of Micheal Jackson’s “Human Nature”

Recently R&B singer Lyfe Jennings did an interview with Grammy: ReImagined where he covered “Human Nature” by the late and great Micheal Jackson. The goal of ReImagined is to link great artist such as Micheal Jackson with current musical artist who are able to put their own spin on iconic Grammy Award winning songs. I just want to give everyone a heads up and say Lyfe does such an amazing job covering “Human Nature”. He actually shocks me with all of the high notes he was able to hit, meanwhile being able to keep his signature soulful sound. This is what Lyfe had to say about covering the song:

It was a song that I hadn’t heard anybody else redo and I felt like I could do it on a guitar”

Lyfe Jennings new album Lucid hits stores next week on October 8th.

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