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Kerry Washington Officially On Pregnant Watch

I know she’s not going to appreciate it, but when I saw Kerry Washington on tonight’s episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I knew something was different. For the record, Kerry Washington has NOT announced a pregnancy.

However her latest fashion choices are drawing more and more attention to her changing slender frame, which seems to include a bump and some boobs. People are whispering, and wondering, but it’s all purely Hollywood speculation.

Kerry Washington Pregnancy Watch

I mean it would explain a lot. First comes marriage, then comes…More pics when you continue:

To be fair, the media has done this with Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, and Khloe Kardashian. So it could just be the dress!

Kerry Washington Pregnant Watch Dresses

Kerry Washington Preggers

Kerry Washington Dress Daily Show 4

Kerry Washington Daily Show Dress 3.jpg

Kerry Washington Daily Show Dress Pregnant

Kerry Washington Daily Show 2

Kerry Washington New Fashion Style

Scandal just might get interesting…

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