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Baby North West Swaddled In Cuteness!

Kim Kardashian randomly shared a picture of Baby North. I’m not going to get into the rumors of why Kim Kardashian decided to share this picture at this moment; I’m just going to enjoy these cheeks and all this cuteness.

Baby North West Swaddled

I guess I will kind of get into it…Kim Kardashian received some backlash for leaving her newborn in the states while she and Kanye traveled to Paris. For the record I didn’t leave either one of my sons when they were infants, my oldest was 3 and my youngest was 18 months when I left them for the first time to travel, but that was me.

However, I have friends who worked, and friends who were single parents who needed to leave their babies early on. As long as the child is provided for in a nurturing environment, who cares!!! Everyone’s situation is different and it doesn’t measure a parent’s love. I’m sure Kim missed Baby Nori every minute. Can’t believe I’m defending Kim Kardashian, but this really is a non-issue.

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